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Shortcuts and Tools

DesignaKnit Keyboard Shortcuts

DAK: Curve Tool

DAK 8 - Diagonal Shaping

DesignaKnit - Place Markers

Hairline Cursor

When working in Original Pattern Drafting,  one of the most useful tools is the hairline cursor.

The button to toggle the cursor is located on the top menu bar on the left.  But sometimes the hairline cursor gets annoying.

Quickly turn if off with the Space Bar on your keyboard.  By using the keyboard shortcut, you don't need to move your mouse and you can more precisely position a point or locate the exact position of a point.

Copy Pieces

You've modified a piece for a specific design (ie. curved hem). You've worked with DAK to get just the right dimensions and shaping instructions for the curve.
Now that you have one side of the cardigan shaping perfect, what's the easiest way to create the other side of the front?

Sure, you could just knit the 2nd sweater front reversing the shaping, but what if you want to use interactive knitting or position a stitch pattern exactly on the left side?

Instead of trying to reproduce the curve, simply reproduce the entire piece.

  • Click Piece
  • Duplicate Piece
To reverse it:
  • Click Alter
  • Flip

Moving Pieces

When using Original Pattern drafting, easily re-arrange pieces as you need.

Right Click to re-arrange pieces in Original Pattern Drafting.

NOTE: A red dotted line appears when the pieces are aligned (look at the hem)

Modify Upper Arm Size

Do your fit issues involve the upper arm area of sleeves?  DesignaKnit will automatically draft a nicely fitting sleeve AND corresponding armhole.

The secret is to use Standard Garment Shaping ..... NOT original Pattern Drafting.

3 Clicks to Shaped Shoulders

When creating a sweater using Standard Garment Styling, the default design includes squared shoulders.

With just 3 clicks, you can create a more flattering and better fitting sweater shape.

From the menu:
  1. Click STYLING
  2. Click BODY
  3. Change the shoulder dimension

Neckband and Collars

DesignaKnit doesn't automatically create PIECES for neckbands and collars. (It does generate knitting instructions)

Learn to create your own neckband and collar PIECES with minimal fuss. Use the power of DAK to manipulate unique collar shapes.

Modify Pieces

DAK: Asymmetric V-Neckline

DAK - Add a Waistline

DesignaKnit - Lengthen Sleeves

Dak 8 - Curved hemline

Dak 8 Copy Curved Hem Shaping

DAK - Alter Patterns - Sweater Front

Bust Darts with DesignaKnit

Odd Pieces

Think outside the box with odd shaped pieces. Let DAK do the math for you for color blocking or unusual shapes

DAK - Drafting Odd Shaped Pieces

DesignaKnit: Manipulate Pieces

Kangaroo Pockets

Create a kangaroo pocket piece to your dimensions with DesignaKnit Original Pattern Drafting.

With just a few steps, you'll be ready to knit either a curved or straight pocket to add to your hoodie.

Cut 'n Sew Neckline Template

Use DAK to create templates for Cut 'n Sew. Use a little-known feature of DAK to make quick work of creating a personalized neckline template you can use again and again.

Simple Camisole

Practice using Original Pattern Drafting with this simple 2 piece camisole.

Gain confidence in:
  • Creating basic shapes
  • Fit-to-length and width tool
  • Moving points
  • Ruler Orientation
  • On-screen measuring to check your work
Apply what you learn to your own designs!

Inspiration from a Sketch

DesignaKnit - Inspiration from a Diagram or Sketch - Part 1

DesignaKnit - Inspiration from a Diagram or Sketch - Part 2

DesignaKnit - Inspiration from a Diagram or Sketch - Part 3

Design with Stitches and Rows

When copying knitting patterns in DAK (or creating from scratch) there's one tool that can be extra helpful. Switching between inches/cm and stitches/rows gives you the precision to copy from an existing pattern. Once you have the design copied, you can then easily change gauge and be confident that the dimensions are the same as the original

Softbyte original Videos

Created by Softbyte the publisher of DesignaKnit, these videos are hosted with permission.

Just the basics - Get up and running fast in Original Pattern Drafting

Converting a garment for sideways knitting

Create a new garment shape from a schematic drawing

Using the new Thumbnail browser to find your shaping file

Using the Grading feature to create a series of garment shapes

Using Exact Stitch Layout for complete control of your pattern edges

Layout your stitch patterns fast directly in Original Pattern Drafting

Download Manuals by Section (English)

The manuals for each section are located in your DesignaKnit Software.

Listed below are links to the English Versions

Standard Garment Styling
Original Pattern Drafting
Stitch Designer
Interactive Knitting
DesignaKnit Graphics Studio