Stitch Designer Basics
Lace 'n Cables
Pattern Motifs

Skills you Should Have

With the power of Stitch Designer, you can use the over 1000 available stitch patterns or create your own.
Use standard knitting symbols and an extensive collection of drawing tools to create your own stitch patterns
integrate the stitch patterns with garment pieces on screen to position designs precisely for professional results.

Stitch Designer - Just the basics - get up and running fast

Learning about how to use the icons - Part 1

Learning about how to use the icons - Part 2

DAK Opening Stitch Pattern Files

Stitch Types and color

Stitch Designer Palettes - Yarn Color Palette

Stitch Designer Palettes - Cables Organizer

Specialty stitches

DAK: Lace Lessons Learned

Intro to the DAK Lace Tool

Designing a cable knit sweater

Double Bed Color Fun

This tutorial discusses the layout for a baby blanket, the use of a graphic pattern from the DesignaKnit Graphics Studio conversion, the use of Palette Replace to rapidly reduce the number of colors in the design, lettering using the ABC icon tool, and viewing it as the finished blanket.

Isolate designs

DAK 8 - Motif Placement

Create and Position a Single Motif In DAK

Knitting Words with DAK