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10 stars
You are doing very great. It's a wonderful site I have learnt so much but
Izevbokun Waneba Ibiso - 10.2016
10 stars
Coming back to my knitting machine after 25 year career in medical machine transcription and having to set it aside while also taking care of husband with Alzheimer's during this time. Knit it Now has been a tremendous resource of relearning knitting techniques, especially in my isolated area from other machine knitters. Thank you for all the support. A true blessing.
Carol - 3.2017
10 stars
There is no doubt why you see mostly 5 stars on all testimonials. I could go on and on about how incredible this site is, but I'll sum it up as being an essential source of knowledge that can take a clumsy machine knitter as myself to quite proficient in a matter of a couple months. Thank you Stacey! Sue and Matt
Stacey - 10.2016
10 stars
This is a great machine knitting resource. Tons of wonderful, practical information on a variety of machines. I don't think I'll be able to work through all of the tutorials in this lifetime.... can I carry my subscription over to the next??
Marie - 4.2020