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10 stars
Keep promoting the machine knitting hobby. I don't get to things as quickly as I would like, but eventually it all gels... Like I just did my first flat rib (learned from Helen G) cape from a Mystery Content Knit It Now that I purchased 2 conferences ago...
lorraine lucas - 1.2009
10 stars
I’ve had my Brother KH-260 bulky machine for over 10 years. Over the years even after studying the great youtubes that are available, taken private lessons, bought and gone through several books and dvds, got Garment Designer, joined an MK knitters group, and gone to great workshops (Newtons!), aside from making a v-neck vest using my knitleader, I’ve been confined to making rectangles - scarves, ponchos, fingerless gloves. - When I retired in 2017, I thought I could finally have the time to make cardigans and jackets on my machine, using cool colors and textures. I ended up getting into other things - ecoprinting, shibori, macrame, felting, and during this pandemic, sewing masks for family and friends. After the gift-making crunch in December I decided to get back to machine knitting. I had breezed by KNIT IT NOW before, and used its freebies, but the cost had kept me away. When I looked into paying by paypal, there was an option to divide the cost into 4 $35 payments. That helped me take the KNIT IT NOW plunge. I love the open-ended possibilities that KNIT IT NOW offers. As with cooking recipes, I can't follow directions without morphing them into my idea of what I envision the final product to be. The bare-bones instructions of KNIT IT NOW provides me lots of space for creativity. I have been using the SHAPED CROWN BEANIE pattern. My sister and I are in our 60s and have greying roots. We are too afraid to dye our hair on our own. With the salons in our area shutdown combined with our fear of covid exposure, we’re letting our greys grow out. Thus, we wear hats everyday, during all waking hours. Prior to getting back to my beloved Brother KH-260, I sewed some skullcaps for me and my sister using knit fabrics, which worked well. Now we’ve added my knit caps to the mix. In my adaptation of the pattern there are 30 rows to experiment with patterning - I’ve used thread lace, tuck, and the dragonfly stitch I learned from a Diana Sullivan youtube. Next, I’d like to experiment with skipstitch. Fairisle would also work for those 30 rows. I’ve gotten so comfortable with the SHAPED CROWN BEANIE PATTERN that I can enjoy listening to my Spotify playlist (current favorite is Diana Krall, especially her duet album with Tony Bennett!) via my phone and airpods while making these hats. My friend also recently asked me to make some hats for her sister’s charity group in Minnesota that provides hats and gloves for youth in their area. After I finish these hats, I want to make a skip stitch cardigan - maybe with a matching hat! KNIT IT NOW has provided me with on organized platform to become more proficient and productive with my Brother KH-260. I am so happy I joined.
dogyeargirl - 2.2021
8 stars
Knit It Now provides friendly and efficient order processing! keep up the good work, Sue!
Pam huang - 1.2009
10 stars
..... And btw, thanks for your website; its the best info on machine knitting around.
Shawna - 9.2016