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8 stars
Hi! I just subscribed to Knit it Now and am really excited to get started. I bought an Ultimate Sweater Machine several years ago and was intrigued with the idea of machine knitting, but found the USM to be a bit frustrating. I recently upgraded to the LK 150 and find it to be a much easier machine to use.... now I realized that I still have a lot of questions in using the machine to it fullest enjoyment. I discovered Knit it Now and am really looking forward to learning more and having a lot of fun with my knitting machine. It is a little early to truly rate Knit it Now, but from what I have seen so far I would give it a 4 with the anticipation of a 5 very soon:) Thank you!
Pam - 4.2016
10 stars
Superb quality, better service. Prompt, courteous, the best supplier ever, grateful thanks to Sue Jalowiec.
Norma Mierzwa - 1.2009
10 stars
The tutorials and home study courses offered are the best. Everything is professionally done and easy to understand. Sue is always incredibly polite, accommodating and informative. Thank you Sue!!
Angela - 9.2015
10 stars
Just great. i enjoy your tutorials so much.
Cynthia - 5.2017