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10 stars
Its been a while since I knitted and suddenly met a girl in town who is a new MKer. I was going to make something simple on my machine so I could show her how (but was refreshing my memory on basics). I wanted to start with a rolled hem and remembered you had a fabulous tutorial on it so looked it up and was very impressed. She is a member and I'll have her sign in and watch the video. Thanks for being there for us!
Roz Porter - 8.2017
10 stars
I’ve wanted to machine knit since I saw it in a small knit shop in Johnson City, Tennesse in the 80s. It was calling me, but I didn’t have the time or money to do it at that time. Having Knit it Now is the way I can finally get help to make the things that I have wanted to do for a while. Kudos to Sue.
Mary .Lynn - 11.2018
10 stars
Very good
Margaret wojak - 11.2017
10 stars
Love your video, what a great idea. I have been watching your free tutorials for years. This is a great addition love it. Keep up your good work. I think it is finally time for me to get enrolled, you finally got me hooked on the new one on socks. I hand knit all my socks and love doing them. Have read about the machine knitted ones and am a bit concerned about the side of the seam up the side. As I have always done mine on 4 needles. the hands are what they used to be so want to work on this idea. Something new and something new to learn. Always a good thing. Thanks, Sue.
Pat - 9.2017