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Neckband perfection

After shaping necklines, adding neckbands is probably the most challenging part of machine knitting sweaters. Let's dive into some tips for neckband perfection:
  • How many stitches to pick up
  • 1 piece of 2 pieces
  • Getting the band to lie flat
  • Finishing options
  • Think outside the box
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WOW! This show was like putting 10 pounds of yarn in a 5 pound bag!
Here are a few of the tutorials in the Learning Library that we mentioned. Please search for "neckbands" to see even more!

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Garment Bands


Without nicely shaped necklines, attaching neckbands can be a problem
Master Neckline Shaping

Practice Pattern

Dynamic pattern (any yarn, any machine) FREE for Subscribers
00:03:40 - Show Outline
00:04:31 - How Many Stitches to Pick Up?
00:05:47 - Measure and calculate stitches
00:09:56 - Hold the work up to the machine
00:16:35 - Single Layer Band
00:23:20 - Free Pattern
00:27:30 - Doubled Bands
00:39:00 - 2 Piece Band
00:45:45 - Practice, Practice, Practice!