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6. Vintage Machine Knitting Patterns
A mystery pattern. Can you decipher this?

Challenges / Solutions

We can often find classic and/or creative knitting patterns in old machine knitting publications. The inspiration you can find is endless and the techniques can be unique.

Challenges with using vintage machine knitting patterns: Solutions:
They are gauged to obsolete yarns. It can be difficult to match gauge Use the Knit it Now Gauge Conversion tool to convert the pattern gauge to YOUR Gauge
They are written with few sizes and often only very small sizes Determine the garment basic shape and Substitute Knit it Now Dynamic Perfect Fit patterns They include a wide range of sizes that can be knit on ANY machine with ANY yarn
The styles (and photography) are dated Use the photos as inspiration and have a good chuckle at the hairstyles
They use cryptic abbreviations that make them difficult to follow Use the Knit it Now Glossary to help decrypt the abbreviations