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What's a Ribber?

Moving beyond plain 'ol 1x1 or 2x2 ribbing, let's explore what you can do with your ribber!




Tuck rib

Picture this:

  • You have a knitting machine with 100+ needles.

  • You use a carriage to quickly knit 100+ needles with the pass of the carriage

  • Imagine cloning that needlebed, turning it 180° and positioning the needles facing each other.

Now you have a setup that can not only create purl stitches, but knit stitches as well.

That the basic idea of a knitting machine ribber.

Imagine being able to knit k1, p1 ribbing with the pass of the carriage ... but wait! There's so much more!

A bit of advice:

If you are just getting started with machine knitting and have a ribber, be kind to yourself and take this advice.

Put the ribber aside for a while ... master the single bed BEFORE adding the ribber to the equation.

Learn and understand the settings for your machine. Practice with a few different yarns, learn to read and follow patterns ... get some successes under your belt before adding the ribber.

Trust me .... been there ... done that