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Knit-along: Cuff to Cuff

Needlebed Limitations

If you've knit for any time, you've probably realized that because we only have a fixed number of needles, we can only knit a limited width with our machines.

With cuff-to-cuff designs knit sideways, this limits the length of our sweaters.

Knitting wider pieces:
  • Knit more loosely - use the tool below to explore the difference in a gauge of 16 stitches/4" and 15 stitches/4"
    Which will produce a wider knitted piece?
  • Consider adding a few needles out of work. It will not only give you interesting texture, it will knit a wider piece
  • Knit in Tuck | Pull Up Tuck stitch knits considerably wider than other stitch patterns
  • Knit in lace. The holes can also add width
  • Knit panels. Sometimes the only solution is to add a seam. Use the seam as a design element
  • If you have a ribber and you're interested in plain knitting, consider U-Knitting | Half Circular
You have 150 needles available
How wide can you knit at these gauges?

15 stitches per 4"/10cm

16 stitches per 4"/10cm

16.5 stitches per 4"/10cm

Put away your calculator! Use this tool designed just for machine knitters