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Knitweave can be used for so many things! Sweaters, coats, tote bags, placemats, bookmarks!
Use that "fancy" yarn and create something special!
In this Replay, watch as fellow knitters share ideas and tips about this often-overlooked technique
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Knitweave Classroom

  • Use 2 yarns - Weaving yarn can be novelty or heavier than normal
  • Knit at a looser tension 1-2 numbers looser
  • Select patterning needles either automatic or manually
  • Do not engage patterning buttons or levers
  • Engage weaving brushes (if available) If not - manually wrap weaving yarn
  • Neat edges for seaming: Wrap 2nd needle from the edge with the weaving yarn - leaving a plain seaming stitch
  • Always position the weaving yarn AHEAD of the working yarn (transfer from side to side)
  • Try different combinations of stitch patterns: Lace and weaving - Needles out work
  • Get creative and enjoy!

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00:01:12 - After some tech difficulties - the official start
00:03:58 - Can you use any machine?
00:05:44 - Knit it Now Classrooms
00:13:30 - The Key to Knitweave
00:18:24 - 3 steps
00:18:55 - End Needles and Neat Edges
00:23:40 - Lessons learned
00:25:48 - "Wrong side" of Knitweave
00:31:17 - Weaving Cast on
00:32:34 - Weaving for marker row
00:34:34 - Weaving in Ends