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IMHO, knitting scarves with a ribber is the only way to go! No worries about curling and you have so many stitch pattern options, with minimal fuss.

Not comfortable with your ribber? Scarves are a great confidence builder.

Master your ribber in 30 days with the Knit it Now Ribber Basic Bootcamp.

  • If you've never used your ribber, or you've never used it for more than 1x1 ribbing, this course is for you!

  • Open yourself to a whole new world of machine knitting! Create gorgeous fabrics, learn to knit in the round and challenge yourself with techniques that will make you look like a pro!

  • Think of using your knitting ribber as using 2 knitting machines. Can you tuck and slip and work short rows on your machine? Then you can do these things on the ribber.

  • The clear, detailed, step-by-step tutorials walk you through mastering your ribber and will re-ignite your passion for your knitting machine!
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