Jenny M Benson

1 year ago
Sue, of course you are not alone in naming your machines.

Some years ago I had a Toyota - being a Toy-boy his name was Ken, so my next machine (a brother) was named Barbie.  Then another Brother named Sindy (Sindy was the British equivalent of the Barbie doll) and one named Terry after the person who recommended it.  Then I went a bit extravagant and got my Brother 940, which is an electronic and therefore expensive so she is Lady Docker (after a well-known 1950s rich English socialite) and her ribber is Bernard, after Lady D's husband.  Finally I acquired a Taitexma with Ribber and they are named Dianne (a dear machine-knitting friend) and Eddie (her husband, who is Chinese like the machines.)  In addition to them, there is Clacky, the rather noisy Garter Carriage.


PS  You will love your 940!
Joy Green

1 year ago
I think you're both bonkers lol 🤣🤣 (in the nicest possible way, of course! x) 
Donna Bates

1 year ago
My husband sort of named my machines - Full rig (knit-leader, ribber, main bed and all the extras for everything) standard machine, the KH940 is called 'The Cadillac' and the more portable, totally manual, mid-gauge KX-350 is called 'The Ford'.
Sue Jalowiec

1 year ago
@Donna Bates  Glad to know I'm not the only one who is "bonkers"!  ðŸ˜?
Tina Brauckmann

1 year ago
What a lovely idea,  i used to call my cars by nams,  but the machines,  i newer thought about. But they should definitively have names that represent their personality😊
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