Cynthia Quill

1 year ago
Sorry for the question, but, I was wondering if I should attach my ribber so it will be there when I am ready, or wait. I have never used a ribber. I am not going to use it yet. I am getting ready to do a sweater, without the ribber use. I am not confident enough with my Brother 940 main bed, yet.

The situation is that the ribber is all neatly packed in the box my cousin delivered it in, and it is sitting on the floor in my hallway because I do not have any place else to place it at the moment. It is too heavy for me to be moving around all the time. 

Also, I was also given another brand of standard machine with its ribber. I need to decide which I wish to keep. The other main knitter works and all needles are straight. I did not take that ribber out of the box, again, it is packed neatly, but I have never used one. I am hoping to keep the Brother set because it is more well known here and i think parts, needles, sponge bars, etc will be much more easy to come by. The other machine, I will find a home for.

I was thinking I should attach the Brother ribber to the 940 and see if the parts are there. But, I was also thinking that it would be in the way. It is heavy and I think I will need help attaching it, so attaching it and then removing it, well, I don't see that happening.

Those of you with a ribber, will having it attached, get in a way of someone who has it attached and knows nothing about it, but is using the main bed?

I would like to find a home for the non-brother main bed and ribber I am not going to keep, the Brother Standard I bought that does not have a ribber, 880(?), the non-brother bulky ribber that I do not have the machine for, and the plastic bed Brother midgauge that the LK150 replaced. I don't need these taking up room in my house, and they are better off being used. The problem is that I can't find a home for the standard non-brother machine with its ribber until I know my Brother ribber works and has all of its parts. I am pretty sure all parts will be there, and will work, but need to be sure.

Any thoughts? To keep this from becoming a multi-response discussion, you may just message me.

Joy Green

1 year ago
Hi Cynthia
Regarding the 940 plus ribber, I think I would get used to using the machine before adding the ribber. It does drop down put of the way once fixed on, but I think it would be easier for you with it out of the way to start with. But it might be a good idea to see if you can get it fixed on, to make sure it all works properly too...? Then maybe remove it until you need it?
(If you have a brother with punchcard, it is useful to have if you have a power cut and /or have no electricity)
What make is the 'non brother' you have been given?
Jenny M Benson

1 year ago
This may not be helpful because I have a different opinion to Joy.  I would say attach the ribber and you will get used to using the main bed in the slightly different (tilted) position and doing things with the ribber there, even though you are not using it.

Actually, if it was me I would be wanting to start using the ribber right away, but I know the general advice is to learn one thing at a time and leave the ribber for the moment.  I think that is excellent advice for most people, but it's just that once I have learned one way of doing something (mock rib on the main bed, for example) I really hate having to slow down and start learning how to do it another way (real rib.) 

Joy Green

1 year ago
Jenny, I do agree with you, I didn't think about it being tilted etc... But if Cynthia is not going to use the ribber for a long time it might 'get in her way' as such. But on the other hand she will get used to it being there. She will need ribber covers to stop her main bed knitting getting caught on it though...
It's really difficult to advise really.
I wonder what Sue thinks about it? 🤔 😊
Joy 😊
Joy Green

1 year ago
Jenny, Yes, I must admit I would want to use the ribber straightaway too, as I prefer the ribbing to mock rib.
Joy 😊
Sue Jalowiec

1 year ago
Hi Cynthia,
As you can see the issue of "ribber on or off" is personal preference.

I leave my ribbers on.  Over the years I've found that if they are packed away I don't use them. If they are attached, I don't hesitate to use a ribber techique or add ribbing to a project.

BUT ...  yes, a ribber does get in the way a bit and it takes some getting used to having the main bed tilted and the ribber in the way.

When you are first getting started, I always say "keep it in the box" for a while.  I've found that knitters want to do it all from day one and get themselves frustrated.
Tina Brauckmann

1 year ago
Hei Cynthia, 
What about setting up the machine tilted, and get used to it that way and attach the ribber later.
I would give you the tip to try the ribber on and see if it works,  step by step with the manual,  and then put it away for a while,  leaving the machine tilted.
Knowing that is not convenient for you because of space and the work to do,  maybe you considder. Having a friend testig it on your machine had been perfect, but we often stay alone where we live.

I personally am not so experienced as Joy and Jenny,  (they are relly good),  but i hate having the ribber on. I have to see the work,  it is easier to reposition the weights,  and handle mistakes.
Convenient having the ribberbox right behind me i put it on and off all the time,  the machine stays tilted.
PS: do you decide having the ribber on you definitively should use some ribber covers. If you can,  the real ones,  i use a piece of a heavy vinyl tablecloth to cover the ribber.

Whatever you decide,  good luck and have fun 😊
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