Singer | Silver | Studio

A knitting machine brand name. Often these were the same machine, just packaged under a different name in different parts of the world.

The Silver/Singer/Studio machines are unique when compared to Brother/Knit King machines (again same machines, different brand packaging)

In addition to different terminology, the positioning of buttons/levers/dials, and other differences, in general, the biggest difference between the 2 brands is in the automatic patterning (punchcard or electronics).

Brother/Knit King
When working in pattern, the Brother/Knit King machines pre-select needles in preparation for the patterning to happen on the following row.

For example:
Row 1: Knit the row and pre-select the needles
Row 2: Knit the row in pattern according to the currently selected needles AND pre-select for the next row.

When working in pattern, the Silver/Singer/Studio machines select the needles AND knit all in one pass of the carriage.

For example:
Row 1: Knit the row and "memorize" the pattern for the next row
Row 2: Knit the row according to the memorized instructions AND memorize the pattern for the next row.

There are other differences in the machines, but these basic needle selection schemes can trip up knitters who work with both brands.

Is one brand "better" than another? It depends on who you ask Most knitters have a preference and it often depends on which brand they started knitting with.