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Any Yarn Neck Warmer - Dynamic Pattern
Scarf/Shawl Scarf
One Size sizing chart

Combine hand and machine knitting for a stylish cowl that will keep you warm and toasty all winter!

Features a cabled body (chart included), simple buttonhole and hand knit stockinette ruffle. Tutorial instructions are included for knitting and attaching the ruffle on the machine.

Use any yarn, any machine, any gauge - Let Knit it Now do the math for you!

Included is a traditional style pattern showing how we combined hand and machine knitting to make our sample

Material Needed

Sample used approx 120 grams of Kajam Alpaca Blend (bulky yarn) on the bulky machine.

For hand knit ruffle a long circular needle (or 2) in a size appropriate for your yarn. For the Kajam Alpaca Blend use size 10.5 US needle

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