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Lady Leopard Plus - Dynamic Pattern
V Neck Set In Sleeve Fitted Body Shaped Shoulder

by Ellen Kindsvater

Ease: Loose

Women's Plus sizing chart
Fitted v-neck cardigan with set in sleeves, fairisle leopard print and custom machine knitted trim.
Fairisle pattern is a 24 stitch repeat, perfect for most patterning machines, both punchcard and electronic. Sleeves are knit in slip stitch to bulk up the fabric to match the fairisle weight in the body.
Machine knit hems and edge trim are worked with an unusual rolled edge technique. Hand knit hems and edges are garter stitch. Back is seamed for Plus size knitters - seam is nearly invisible with the stitch pattern.

BONUS 1! Both long sleeve and 3/4 length sleeves are included!

BONUS 2! Step by step edge trim technique tutorial

Also available in Woman's size- Finished bust 34.5" - 45"

Pattern Elements (6 pieces)
  1. Back
  2. Front
  3. Optional Seamed Back
  4. Long Sleeves
  5. 3/4 Length Sleeves
  6. Finishing Instructions

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Advanced Beginner
Sample Pattern Included

Supporting files (4 items)

DesignaKnit Stitch File
Leopard Print DAK
Slip Stitch Pattern DAK
Adobe PDF File
Leopard Punchcard
Slip Stitch Punchcard
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