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Bolster Pillow (One-Piece) - Dynamic Pattern

by Knit it Now

Ease: Very fitted (0 ease to negative ease)

Bolster Pillow sizing chart
Bolster pillow in a wide range of sizes. Spice up your room with a few colorful pillows in a decorator shape.
The pillow is knit in one piece, making it a fast project. You will be knitting short rows on both ends. We suggest making a sample pillow in one color and in plain stockinette before getting creative with stripes or stitch patterns (or knitweave butterflies!)

Pattern Elements (1 pieces)
  1. Pillow
Material Needed
Pillow Insert

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Supporting files (4 items)

Image Chart
Bolster Pillow Hem
Plain Jane 1 piece pillow
Sample Butterfly Stitch
DesignaKnit Stitch File
Butterfly Stitch
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