Baby Pants - Inspiration

Baby Pants

Through the Eyes of a Machine Knitter

Easy Knitting, basic baby pants are sure to be hit for a gift at a baby shower.
Combine with a sweater, hat and socks for an extra-special gift.
HK Original
MK Substitute
Knit it the Round Knit flat in 2 pieces: No side seams for a fast project
Lace hems Add lace, knit ribbing or hang a hem .. your choice!
Ribbed and tie "waistband" If you don't have a ribber, consider hand manipulate a few rows of ribbing or hang a hem and add elastic
Knit in Worsted weight yarn Use the Knit it Now pattern and knit on ANY machine with ANY yarn.
Knit in plain Stockinette Use the Knit it Now pattern and get creative with stitch pattern, colors ... even cables!