Quick Wins
Blueprint to create your own pattern
Level 4


If you practice yoga but find that your feet get chilled, these socks are meant for you. They keep the foot and ankle warm, but leave heels and toes free to grip the mat. Best of all they are so easy to knit!

We chose a self patterning sock yarn and ribbing, but you are free to do your own thing!

Challenge yourself to try a new stitch pattern or technique or whip up a few in plain 'ol stockinette. They are perfect for craft fairs or gifts. Don't forget to treat yourself to a pair!

Use the pattern to knit a rectangle, leave an opening for the heel and you'll be done in no time. The project includes tutorials for casting on and binding off in ribbing. We'll show you how we cast on in in the middle for the heel.

Make them in a weekend!