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The Story behind the Pattern

The story behind the Beechnut Cowl Pattern

Many years ago, I created a classroom and video titled "Yipes! Stripes!".

Knitters of a certain age may remember Beechnut Gum. The tag line was "Yipes! Stripes! Beechnut's Got 'em"
Every time I knit stripes or talk about stripes I think of these commercials. (showing my age here )

The obvious choice for our new, striped cowl pattern is "Beechnut Cowl"

We created our cowl pattern with 2 sections of horizontal stripes. One is a long strip and the 2nd is picked up along the long edge and shaped for the cowl shaping.
Only 1 gauge swatch is needed.

Beechnut Cowl: fast, easy knitting, warmth and style

Vintage commercial