Quick Wins
Fisherman Rib Blanket
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Level 4

12 Reasons to Knit This Blanket (plus lessons learned)

Updated, colorful and fun, this one-piece blanket is sure to please!
Knit in a self striping yarn in Fisherman rib and you'll be done in no-time!

Dust off your ribber and get knitting!

  1. Make-in-a-Weekend
  2. "Instant" gratification
  3. Only 1 panel
  4. Updated design
  5. Stripes with minimal yarn ends
  6. Under $30
  7. Put your ribber to work
  8. Discover Fisherman Rib
  9. Build your ribber confidence
  10. No swatching needed
  11. Perfect your Kitchener Cast on and Bind off
  12. No punchcard or stitch patterning (unless you want to)