Easy Knitting, sideways knit cardigan. Knit it with ANY yarn on ANY machine with ANY stitch pattern!

I made our original with a soft bamboo yarn and a coordinating novelty yarn in a knitweave pattern.

Reverse Stockinette stitch bands accent the flattering vertical lines of the stitch pattern.

I'll be knitting a new version with you during the knit-along.

We'll explore:
  • Stitch patterns
  • Options for the front bands
  • Customizing the Fit with the Perfect Fit pattern
  • Sleeve lengths
  • Hem options on a sideways knit
  • Finishing tips
So much fun! Can't wait to get started!
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Knit-Along Outline

  • Plan Ahead
  • How Much Yarn do I Need?
  • Swatching is NOT optional
  • Just DO IT!
  • Gauge and Drop
  • Sue's Swatches
  • are you new to Knit it Now Dynamic Patterns?
  • How to Build a Pattern
  • Don't Measure your Body!
  • MISSES size - Build
  • Print MISSES Size
  • WOMEN size - Build
  • Print WOMEN size
  • Front edge finishing
  • Hem finishing
  • Cast on the Front Edge
  • Cast on Rag
  • Patch Pockets
  • Seaming
  • Side Seam Slit
  • Sideways Sleeve
  • Sue's Funky Collar
  • Sideways Sleeve Calc
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