This Subscriber Knit-along features a classic band for a V-Neck pullover.

This is an alternative to a mitered band
This style is easier for machine knitters.

Join us to learn and practice skills that you will use again and again:

  • How to shape a V-Neckline including a variety of decorative decreases
  • How to neatly join shoulder seams
  • How to calculate a neckband
  • How to plan a neckband for beautiful seams
  • How to pick up and attach a separate neckband
  • How to neatly finish the Crossover V
No ribber? No problem!
The material presented will be helpful in creating v-neck bands with any method.
  • Hand manipulate the ribbing
  • Check out our rolled edge stockinette band


Oct 13 LIVE

Oct 20 Zoom
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Knit-Along Outline

  • Introduction
  • The Steps
  • Printable checklist
  • Knit-Along Forum
  • The Practice Pattern
  • Use ANY Pattern
  • Critical Points
  • hidden: right/wrong
  • hidden: needle arrangement
  • hidden: decorative decreases
  • hidden: 1 or 2 pieces?
  • Stockinette Option
  • Tutorials - Skills you Should Know
  • Seaming
  • Band Options
  • Decorative Decrease Inspiration
  • Band Tips
  • Broken Toe Cast on
  • Protect Held Stitches
  • Even out the shaping
  • Classroom: Swatching
  • Classroom: Diagonals and the Magic Formula
  • Knit-Along Forum
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Crossover V Knit-Along