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Curved Hems - The NO MATH Way Tutorial for Machine Knitting Curved Hems - The NO MATH Way
Curved hems, deep and shallow are always popular. Shirt Tail hems at the side seams of sweaters, or curved hems at the front edge of cardigans can be added to any knitting pattern.
Here's a no-math method to create your own designer curved hems.
NOTE: [01:57] When you examine the placement of the shaping, consider the method of knitting. To shape with short rows, the increases need to be worked EVERY-OTHER-ROW. Draw your line accordingly.

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Wonky Set in Sleeves Tutorial for Machine Knitting Wonky Set in Sleeves
Why does the sleeve cap have less rows than the armhole opening? Tips for understanding set in sleeve construction.

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Milk the Cow - Yarn Tension Tutorial for Machine Knitting Milk the Cow - Yarn Tension
The purpose of the yarn mast is to provide steady, even tension on your working yarn. Sometimes things can go wrong ...

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Keep on Track when Ripping Tutorial for Machine Knitting Keep on Track when Ripping
It's inevitable, making mistakes and ripping. Ever have trouble keeping track of how many rows you knit? Try this tip.

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Where's my Pattern? Tutorial for Machine Knitting Where's my Pattern?
Waiting for the delivery of a pattern in your email? With our Dynamic Patterns, you build a custom pattern based on YOUR gauge. The patterns live in your personal library on the Knit it Now website.

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Ravel Cord Tips Tutorial for Machine Knitting Ravel Cord Tips
Cut your ravel cord? Heaven forbid! Let's talk about alternative ravel cord materials and uses for a machine knitters best friend ... ravel cord.

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Easy (Lazy) Edge Finish Tutorial for Machine Knitting Easy (Lazy) Edge Finish
A simple edge finish that is perfect for slits and neck openings, especially on kids pullovers. A fellow knitter, Jill, asked how to finish the opening on a Baby Pinafore. This technique is fast and looks great!

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Ugly Cast On? Tutorial for Machine Knitting Ugly Cast On?
A new knitter wrote that she was doing something wrong when casting on. Turns out that the technique she used was just plain "ugly" for the edge of her project.

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