Features of this Pillow

Add texture and color to a plain pillow with no programming or punchcard ... and no floats!
  • Rounded corners
  • I-Cord inserted seams
  • Envelope style insert for easy laundering
  • Your choice of sizes
  • Use ANY machine, ANY yarn, ANY stitch pattern
Lots of opportunities to customize with stitch variations, color and creativity!

Watch as we knit ours

You may not want the checkerboard pattern. The techniques included in this project can be applied anywhere!

Get your creative juices going and imagine the possibilities!

Tutorials - Skills you Should Know

This is a simple project made better by adding techniques that you will use again and again.

No matter what stitch pattern you choose for your project, don't skip the "Stitch Multiples" video ... a little planning goes a long way!

Knitting Curved Hems

Designer I-Cord Seams and Edges

Seaming Stitches to Rows

Stitch Multiples


The Pattern - Knit a Pillow!

Checkerboard Pillow
The Checkerboard stitch pattern is reversible, versatile and can be used for many projects. The corners of the pillow are rounded as you knit and the edges are seamed with an I-Cord insert.

Make it plain or fancy, the Knit it Now Dynamic Pattern lets you use ANY YARN and ANY MACHINE!

Checkerboard Pillow

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