by Jodie Raymond
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From Jodie:

"This time it is my purpose to help you knit some beautiful skirts to wear with your lovely sweaters. Most all these skirts are made only on the main bed of the knitting machine."

From Sue:

Even though the photos in this book are dated, the skirt shapes and knitting techniques are timeless and invaluable!


  • Measuring for a skirt
  • Random Thoughts and Tips
  • Waistbands
  • Hems and more Hems
  • 4 Gore Skirt
  • 2 Gore Upside Down Skirt
  • 3 Gore Skirt
  • Circular Skirt
  • and more!

55 pages

NOTE: This digital book is large. If you are having trouble downloading try using downloading Skirts Part 1 and Skirts Part 2 separately.

Let's Knit Some Skirts by Knit it Now eBook