by Jodie Raymond
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Three terrific jackets, plus a jewel neckline sleeveless shell to compliment your outfits. Easy to knit, timeless in style, comfortable to wear with such effortless care. Diagrams and written instructions are included. "You will have to knit more than one!"

NOTE: This download is large, if you are having trouble, please use the Parts 1-3 downloads individually

This is a 72 page book. The patterns are included, but the value of the book is instructional. It is chock full of detailed instruction for constructing the perfect jacket at any gauge.

From Jodie:
"Many different modes, from the most casual look to a very
dressy haute couture fashion, can be easily achieved by your
choice of different yarns and patterning. Just by varying the
length of the jacket or sleeves, substituting trims, adding or
subtracting pockets - you can completely change the character of
each of these basic jackets. With just a little thought, these
garments periodically can be easily updated to the most current
fashion, allowing you to be able to use this book over and over
again for many years. Each jacket projects it's own distinctive