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Silver Reed Model SK155 Chunky. This machine will produce a "hand knitting" look at approx 3 - 4.5 sts per inch.
The 12 stitch punchcard opens up a world of automatic patterning including stockinet, slip and tuck stitch, fair isle, weaving and punch lace.

  • 12 stitch automatic patterning
  • Uses Worsted and Bulky Weight Yarns for 4.5-3.5 sts per inch
  • Stockinet - Tuck Stitch - Slip Stitch - Punch Lace - Fair Isle - Weaving
  • 110 needles - 9mm

  • No returns or exchanges on knitting machines
  • 90 day manufacturer warranty
  • Shipped UPS ground
  • US delivery only

SK155 Bulky machine by Knitcraft