Thread Lace

Often overlooked, Thread Lace is an easy technique to create openwork "lace" fabrics with a knitting machine.

It's not fairisle, it's not true lace, but it's a unique stitch pattern that can create beautiful knit fabrics.

A "mock" lace, knit with one very fine thread/yarn and one thicker yarn. Adding a very fine thread gives the appearance of lace without stitch transfers.

Thread lace knitting is very similar to Fairisle knitting with 2 differences:
  1. Choose a stitch pattern with short floats (1-2 stitches) The YARN is carried behind the "lace" openings (created with the THREAD). If the floats are too long, the appearance of lace is lost

  2. Don't forget End needle selection: If the edges aren't knitting properly, put 1 end needle to "D" on BOTH SIDES with each pass of the carriage

Transferred "real" lace

You don't need a standard machine with a lace carriage to create fabulous lacy, openwork fabrics!

A lace carriage and automatic patterning makes quick work of creating lace, but just a little hand manipulation or even simple gauge changes can give you the look you want.

"real", transferred lace

Lace on the Machine

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