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It's a fact: Knitting curls. (no, you aren't doing anything wrong )

As we machine knit, our stitches are uniform and flawless, which makes the curl more more pronounced.

The "dreaded" curl frequently surprises and discourages new machine knitters.
There are numerous ways to get around the curl,
including stitch patterns, edge finishes, and construction methods.

1 Stitch patterns

Keys to no-roll stitch patterns:
  • Loosen up!
    Knit at a loose tension and incorporate needles-out-of-work

  • Yarn Choice:
    Choose a yarn with a bit of rayon (or bamboo) for drape

2 Edge Finishes

  • Crochet
    (quickly tame the curl with single crochet, double crochet or consider something fancy)

  • Hand manipulate the edges as you knit.
    Reform stitches for garter stitch, seed stitch or ribbing.

  • Add I-cord (or variations) to finish.
    Classroom: I-Cord on the Machine

  • Knit-as-you-go I-cord edges

    Finish the edges as you knit the scarf
Knit-as-you-go I-cord edges

Hand manipulated no-roll edge

3 Construction Methods

What is your favorite method to "tame" the curl? Please comment below

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Jacqui H
 Dec 6, 2022
If I want plain stockinette or something like stripes or fairisle, I make it double wide and sew it into a tube. I usually only use fairly fine yarns, but I like that there is never a wrong side. I use my linker but I have also sewn one up with the sewing machine and it was just fine.