Speed up your knitting with yarn markers

Add a marker to indicate the center of a piece for easier seaming.
Example: Top of a set in sleeve cap, position a pocket

When swatching, manually knit a single stitch with a contrasting marker to isolate a group of stitches instead of counting.
Classroom: Swatching is NOT optional

Add markers at specific intervals to make joining pieces easier
Classroom: Seaming Perfection

Hang the marker on the needle and knit with the row.
Simply cut the marker to remove as you work the seam

Example: Place a marker every 20-25 rows on both front and back

Where do you use yarn markers?

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Alexandra M
 Jan 26, 2024
ooh to use markers to match up seams is SO brilliant! That save a lot of finnicking to get things even!

Jane D
 Dec 19, 2023
I always use them for making up seams. I put them in to DAK so I don't forget to add them. If I'm not using DAK I'll add a marker every 50 or 100 rows depending on tension and it annoys me if I forget!

Mary K
 Dec 19, 2023
When I can remember, centers of piece, long seam lines of knitted pieces in fine yarns (0-1)