About the Brother KH260

The Brother KH260 is the last punchcard bulky (9mm) machine that the Brother company produced. It is a workhorse of a machine with everything you need to create beautiful bulky weight knitting.

Brother added electronics to their next model, the KH270 .

Although new machines are no longer being made by Brother, currently a clone of this machine is being produced by Taitexma (TH260)

Purchase a new bulky machine with a punchcard Taitexma (TH260)

Also because of it's popularity, used machines can be found and they are a great investment for knitters looking for a versatile bulky machine.

Master the machine

Our newest course is a deep dive into using this machine, including a tutorial for the KL-116 Knit Leader | Charting Device (full-size charting device)

This new course is the first in a planned series of machine-specific courses. Stay tuned!

The Original Stitch Pattern Punchcards

The original cards are numbered 2p - 15p and include a number of stitch types, demonstrating the techniques available with this machine.

Download the original scans here

Full size punchcard diagrams and DesignaKnit stitch pattern files are available in the Knit it Now course: Brother 260 Quick Start

The Manuals

When using any knitting machine, having the manual is essential. Download the free documents for this machine:

Yarn for the Brother KH-260

I Highly Recommend This Machine

OK, I may be biased. This was my 2nd machine purchase. After starting with a standard gauge machine, I quickly realized that most of my stash yarn was too heavy for my Brother 970. Plus I was tired of playing with the electronics and wanted a more "simple" machine.

I've been pleasantly surprised over the years at the wide range of yarns I can knit with my 260 and with all the possibilities including Plaiting and Knitweave .

In addition, having the full-size KnitLeader has been a good alternative for me.

Using the available intarsia carriage and color changer can add even more fun to using this machine.

If you have a Brother 260 (or a Taitexma TH260) I suggest taking the Brother 260 Quick Start course to put to work all the possibilities with this machine.

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stenterprisebd a
 Feb 7, 2022

Cherie S
 Jan 27, 2022
Excited to start this course, as I have a 260 model with a KnitLeader. Of note, I have found that the Staedtler brand Lumocolor non-permanent pens work great on the mylar sheet. These pens come in a pack of four colors (read, blue, green & black)and easily wash off with water.