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Designer Pencil Skirts for Machine Knitters

Machine knitters can quickly knit gorgeous skirts that rival designer styles in both price and custom fit! Master the tricks for professional finishes with this detailed book

Focusing on the simple shape of a pencil skirt, this exciting book (published in 2013) walks you through design ideas, construction techniques, fitting tips and professional finishing details.

The concepts can be applied to any style skirt and slacks.

Knit a simple 2 piece skirt in a weekend, or create a couture design, this book will give you the tools for success!
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Let's Knit Some Skirts

Even though the photos in this book are dated, the skirt shapes and knitting techniques are timeless and invaluable!

  • Measuring for a skirt
  • Random Thoughts and Tips
  • Waistbands
  • Hems and more Hems
  • 4 Gore Skirt
  • 2 Gore Upside Down Skirt
  • 3 Gore Skirt
  • Circular Skirt
  • and more!
  • Published in 1980?

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The Ultimate Pleated Skirt

Combine Double Bed Jacquard and Stockinette for the color, texture and drape of this unusual skirt with self-folding pleats.

The pleat face is double jacquard. When the pleats are closed, the stitch design repeats in all directions across the pleats.

The book text uses detailed diagrams and photos to help you understand how the skirt is designed and sized. It is written as a design book rather than a pattern book. Detailed instructions are included for using the concept to design your own skirt. Published in 1980?

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