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Study Blanket Construction

Machine knitting blankets is more than just rectangles. Let's talk about making larger sizes, alternative shapes and interesting construction techniques
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Links mentioned in the Show

Blanket Classroom
Soft Sideways Cardigan Knit-Along
Easy Eyelet Afghan Book

Sue's teal sideways knit top
Yeoman Grigna (grin-ya)
Perfect Fit Sideways Pullover
  • Made the basic version (no sleeves) added a couple of inches for a cap sleeve
  • Purl side as the public side (shows off the yarn texture)
  • Seams on the machine showing on the public side
  • Side Slits
  • Simple Rolled edges and hem (no finish)
  • I-Cord Neckline and sleeve hems
  • Full Needle Rib bow
00:09:23 - 2 Piece Blankets
00:15:46 - Easy Eyelet Afghan Printed Book