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Chili Pullover - Dynamic Pattern
Panels Pullover Set In Sleeve Women Plus V Neck Round Neck A-Line

by Knit it Now

Women's Plus sizing chart
Basic A-Line SET IN SLEEVE pullover sweater with panels.
Your choice:
  • Round or V-neck
  • Straight or shaped shoulders
  • Optional bust darts
  • Optional Curved hem
The panels in this sweater not only provide an unusual design detail, it allows for knitting larger sizes, working around the limitations of our needlebeds.

Use this basic shape as a jumping-off point for your own designs.
Add stripes, stitch patterns, intarsia, fairisle ... you name it!
Wide range of sizes, you will use this pattern again and again!

This pattern has been Retired.

The new pattern that is replacing this pattern is Chili

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