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Swan Sock - Dynamic Pattern
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Flat Bed, machine knit socks with a gusseted heel that resembles a hand knit heel.
Why are these socks so special?
  • Knit Fast! Machine knitters rejoice!
  • Great Fit Gusseted heel is constructed like a hand knit sock
  • Better Wearing The heel method eliminates the stress points in ordinary short-row machine knit heels.
  • Greater Durability The slip stitch heel (optional) wears longer.
  • Comfy Cushioned Foot Bed
  • Mostly Seamless Sew-as-you-go method gives a smooth, comfortable join on a flat bed machine.
  • Creative Possibilities The instep and sole can be any stitch pattern
Which Sock Style is best?

NOTE: For all socks, select the size by the foot circumference. Use the "Perfect Fit" feature to adjust the foot length, leg length and Leg circumference as desired.

Material Needed
Any yarn, any gauge

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