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Through the Eyes of a Machine Knitter

Are you passionate about knitting and making a difference in the world?

We have an exciting opportunity for you! At Knit it Now, we believe in the power of knitting to bring joy, warmth, and support to those in need. We have teamed up with the incredible charity, S.O.A.P. (Soapsacks) ( to create a community-driven project that will help make a positive impact in the lives of others.

By knitting soap sacks, we can offer practical and sustainable solutions to individuals around the world.

So dust off your knitting machine and join us in this heartwarming initiative!
What are Soap Sacks? About S.O.A.P
These charming pouches are perfect for holding soap bars, reducing waste, and promoting sustainable living.
Sadly, there is need for essential toiletries (including soap) in communities worldwide.

Quick Win Quick Win
Our newest Quick Win offers you everything you need for success. Instruction, inspiration and Dynamic pattern so you can knit your sacks in ANY yarn | with ANY machine | ANY stitch patttern
Are you ready for some machine knitting success? These quick projects allow you to flex your knitting muscles, practice new techniques and make a difference!

Soap Sack Contest Join the Soap Sack Contest
By participating in this knitting contest, you are not only using your skills and creativity but also making a positive impact on the lives of others. . Each soap sack you knit can contribute to a more sustainable world and provide essential resources to individuals facing hygiene challenges.

Join us at Knit it Now as we come together to knit for a cause and spread compassion one soap sack at a time.