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Quick Wins

Grouping of our current projects.

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Color Block Cable Pillow

Color Block Cable Pillow - Quick win
Combine Intarsia and Cables

Diagonal Pillow

Diagonal Pillow - Quick win
Make it your own! Use stripes or striped stitch patterns diagonally for an unusual graphic pillow.

Pintuck Square Pillow

Pintuck Square  Pillow - Quick win
Minimal finishing makes this pillow cover a blank canvas for your creativity! We added pintucks, but you can choose any stitch pattern.

No-Roll Neckwarmer

No-Roll Neckwarmer - Quick win
One simple trick to tame the curl
Perfect Fit™ pattern included

One-Piece Pinwheel Pillow

One-Piece Pinwheel Pillow - Quick win
Quickly knit a 3 dimensional pillow cover in one piece! Cover a circle pillow form.

Use variegated yarn, stripes or alternating colors to make it your own! Can you work short rows? You can finish this in a weekend!

Felted Intarsia Pillow

Felted Intarsia Pillow - Quick win
Beginner or Expert, you can knit this pillow cover in pieces and seam or knit all-in-one using Intarsia

Heavenly Hearts

Heavenly Hearts - Quick win

Be my Valentine!
Design and knit unusually shaped pieces for pillows, pockets .. you name it!

Tucked Blocks Pillow

Tucked Blocks Pillow - Quick win
Take a fairly simple tuck stitch pattern and add stripes for a quick, textured, colorful pillow.

Bolster Pillows

Bolster Pillows - Quick win
Add some interest to your home decor with bolster pillow. Knitted covers are easy to make and there are lots of variations.
Knit circles for the ends and get creative with stitch patterning and color for the 'tube' to cover the pillow.

Santa Tomte Pillow

Santa Tomte Pillow - Quick win
This cute-as-can-be pillow is sure to be a favorite for your holidays.
This clean and modern design is inspired by the “tomte”, a domestic sprite who protected the farm. With a pointed red hat and long white beard it looks a lot like a gnome. . .and Santa Claus! Bring a bit of whimsy and the flair of Scandinavian style home for the holiday

Checkerboard Pillow

Checkerboard Pillow - Quick win
Add texture and color to a plain pillow with no programming or punchcard ... and no floats!

Pillow features rounded corners and I-cord inserted seams.

Lots of opportunities to customize with stitch variations, color and creativity!

Skull and Crossbones Pillow

Skull and Crossbones Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Practice or learn intarsia techniques without an intarsia carriage.

Shar Pei Wrinkled Pillow

Shar Pei Wrinkled Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Knit this fabulous pillow cover in a weekend. Like the puppy with the same name, the pintuck wrinkles add texture, interest and comfort.

Modern Striped Pillow

Modern Striped Pillow - Knit In Now Project
A quick-to-knit project created from 2 rectangles. 3 seams and you are done!

Stranded Pillow

Stranded Pillow - Knit In Now Project
Knit a 2 color fairisle pillow in a FRACTION of the time it would take to knit by hand.