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Quick Wins

Grouping of our current projects.

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Mug Koosie aka Coffee Sleeve

Mug Koosie aka Coffee Sleeve - Quick win
Fast project to practice different techniques and use up that stash yarn.
Great quick gifts!

Fingerless Mittens

Fingerless Mittens - Quick win
These fingerless mittens are quick, easy and can be knit in an evening. Use any stitch pattern, add a pocket ... you are the designer!

Ohmmm Yoga Socks

Ohmmm Yoga Socks - Quick win
If you practice yoga but find that your feet get chilled, these socks are meant for you. They keep the foot and ankle warm, but leave heels and toes free to grip the mat. Best of all they are so easy to knit!

Stocking Gift Card Holder

Stocking Gift Card Holder - Quick win
Cute-as-can-be mini stocking for gift cards. This is a quick project that takes very little yarn.
You are the designer - knit in a stitch pattern, add fairisle or embellish with embroidery or purchased trims.

Short Row Flowers

Short Row Flowers - Quick win
Knitted flowers can add just the right touch to your garments. These flowers are fast, easy and look great!
Use them to decorate hats and head warmers. Jazz up a plain sweater or use them as shawl pins ... the sky is the limit!

Man's Knitted Tie

Man's Knitted Tie - Quick win
Knitted ties are classic!
If you have some experience with your ribber, making them on the knitting machine can be a fun, quick project.

Walker / Wheelchair Pouch

Walker / Wheelchair Pouch - Quick win
Walker bags are used by those whose balance requires a walker for safety, but need extra carrying room for their knitting, books, etc.

Hand Knitting Patterns on the Machine

Hand Knitting Patterns on the Machine - Quick win
Using hand knitting patterns for machine knitting is not only DO-ABLE, it's the best way to take advantage of all the talented knitwear designers who are publishing beautiful up-to-date designs.
Is it possible to knit everything on the machine? ... no .... BUT witih a little thought, planning and the skills you can learn, the opportunities are nearly endless!

Twisted Ear Warmer

Twisted Ear Warmer - Quick win
Fast 'n Easy project for gift giving, family or charity kntiting

Quick n Easy Ear Warmers

Quick n Easy Ear Warmers - Quick win
When a hat is too much, but you need some extra warmth, a knitted ear warmer is just the solution. Preserve the hair-do or work around a messy bun.
Here are some ideas for quick-n-easy knitted headbands that will be a welcome gift. These are also great craft fair items.

Plain or fancy, use these ideas as a jumping off point for your own creativity

Elsa 18 Yoga Pants

Elsa 18 Yoga Pants - Knit In Now Project
Yoga pants for 18" doll. Practice techniques to improve your machine knitting confidence. Includes tutorials for Marking Rows, Picot Hems plus Seaming Tips.

Boot Toppers (aka leg warmers)

Boot Toppers (aka leg warmers) - Knit In Now Project
Stash buster project to create a bit of knitting to peek out over the top of your boots. Fashionable fun for all ages!

Eyeglass Case

Eyeglass Case - Knit In Now Project
Get creative! Use up your Stash! Make something useful! Here's a quick project that you can use to try new techniques and end up with a FO (finished object).