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Can you knit swatches? Do you know how to set your machine to hold position (short rows?) Then you can knit mittens!

Not just for beginners, this book gives you the tools to get creative and knit not only functional mittens, but funky, fun designs.

The fill-in-the-blanks pattern allows you use any yarn and any techniques to create one-of-a-kind masterpiece mittens!

  • Knit and measure a proper gauge swatch
  • Simple math to chart your own mitten
  • Combine hand knitting with machine knitting
  • Cuff options
  • Inserting a gored thumb with no sewing
  • Fingerless mittens
  • Invisible Kitchener stitch seam
  • No-bulk Bickford Seam
  • Gather technique
  • Knitting Stripes (and dealing with the ends)
  • Embellishment inspiration
  • And much more!
  • 43 pages


  • Block alphabet to work with duplicate stitch or fairisle
  • Gauged knitters graph paper with full size mitten template to chart your own design (4-5-6-7 stitches to the inch gauge)

Mitten Magic for All Knitting Machines by Knit it Now eBook

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