Yards Per Pound


A method often used by machine knitters to identify and compare yarn weights

A yarn industry standard, using Yards Per Pound, helps compare yarn weights and determine what yarns are best for your knitting machine

No matter what put up (cones, balls skeins) you use being able to compare the weights in YPP is much more accurate and informative than the "generic" terms of fingering, DK, Worsted, 4 Ply or 8 Ply.

You may have already discovered that 2 balls of "DK Weight" in different fibers or from different manufacturers probably have different yards or meters per ball. One may have 550 yards and another may have 600 yards. If the balls weight the same, the thickness of the yarn itself will be different and they will knit at different gauges on your machine. Comparing DK to DK may not give you the results you want.

Use the Knit it Now "Balls to Cones" Conversion tool to compare yarns by converting their weights and yardage to YPP

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