by Eileen Montgomery
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Written in Eileen Montgomery's clear and concise style, this is an excellent "exercise book" for anyone interested in designing their own garments with DesignaKnit.

From Eileen:
"Never be limited to someone else's yarn choices, styles or sizes. DesignaKnit gives you the freedom to create what you want to knit and how you want to knit it."

64 pages stuffed full of practical examples for using the Standard and Original Garment Shaping sections of DAK.

  • Introduction
  • Standard Garment Styling
  • Custom Sizes
  • Complete a Garment Shape File
  • Thumbnails
  • Shaping Printouts
  • Japanese Notations
  • Original Pattern Drafting
  • Designing Necklines
  • Grading
  • Integration in Original Pattern Drafting
  • Exact Stitch Layout
  • Coordinates Table
  • Designing Sweaters
  • Designing Multi-pieced Garments

DesignaKnit 8 - Standard and Original Shaping by Eileen Montgomery