by Eileen Montgomery
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Raglans to Zippers!

Are you ready to take the next steps in your knitting, learn some practical tips and get creative?

This book is jam-packed with a compilation of class notes from long-time machine knitting instructor, Eileen Montgomery. The techniques included are the most requested topics from over 20 years of knitting and teaching.

Written in a clear, easy-to-follow style, it's as if Eileen were sitting next to you, helping you master your machine.

  1. Raglans: 14 decreases, 6 increases, 2 eyelet seams
  2. Ribber Fabrics: 10 types including tucks, slips, FNR
  3. Ribbing Accents: 9 interesting ribbing ideas
  4. Saddle Shoulders
  5. Set-in Sleeves: how to draft your own, methods of knitting
  6. Shaping Formula (Magic Formula)
  7. Shaping Necklines: while patterning and two sides at once
  8. Single Motifs
  9. Stripes: including how to correctly change colours
  10. V-necklines: how to knit, neckbands and collars
  11. Yarn Buttons: 11 types to match any outfit
  12. Zippers: 14 methods of attaching zippers
  13. 52 printed pages with 105 photos, spiral bound
Eileen has so many tips and ideas to share with machine knitters, she wrote 3 books!
Volume 1: Applique to Cut & Sew
Volume 2: Fringes to Pockets
Buy the 3 volume set and save!

Workshop Handouts Vol 3 by Eileen Montgomery