by Eileen Montgomery
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Designers and stores are showing beads added to everything from fancy special occasion items to bathing suits and absolutely everything in between. So now is the time to learn techniques for adding beads to your machine knitting.

This book contains over 36 techniques and variations for adding beads to your machine knitting. You can use any machine, any yarn and most stitches. You can add beads while you knit or afterwards, a few beads or as many as you desire. Beads can be added one at a time or prestrung on yarn. If you think there are a lot of choices, just wait until you see the beads available to use! It's a whole other stash!!

The book contains:

  • bead information
  • how to prestring beads
  • how to hang beads with small holes
  • hanging beads on the current row
  • fairisle variations
  • hanging beads below the current row
  • tuck & tuck lace
  • creating space for larger beads
  • slip stitches
  • e-wrapping & knitweaving horizontal rows
  • e-wrapping & knitweaving vertical columns
  • beaded cast-ons & bind-offs
  • beaded ribbing
  • embellishing
  • everything you need to know to add beads to your knits!

Beaded Machine Knitting Techniques by Eileen Montgomery