by Eileen Montgomery
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These afghan pieces can be knit very quickly so you can create something even in small amounts of time. So no matter how busy you are, you can still create lovely and useful afghans to decorate your home, as well as for welcome gifts.

This book starts with instructions on knitting the basic afghan panels with Twisted Joins and Twisted Edge Trim. Instructions on Fringes and Tassels are also included.

There are three main sections with 11 afghans knit with Twisted Joins, 6 with Eyelet Joins and 3 with Edge Stitch Joins. There are squares, rectangles, pinwheels, even a Pilloghan. Most are knit in stocking stitch but there is also tuck and hand-manipulated lace. The finished afghans can range from plain to very fancy, solid colours to very colourful. It is easy to create just the look you want.

These afghans can be knit on any single-bed machine to any size with any yarn. A great way to use up your leftovers. Perfect for knitters of any level.

This 41-page printed book has a color cover and spiral binding with black and white close-ups, detailed instructions and diagrams.

Easy Eyelet Afghans  by Eileen Montgomery