Where's my Pattern?

Where's my Pattern? Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Waiting for the delivery of a pattern in your email? With our Dynamic Patterns, you build a custom pattern based on YOUR gauge. The patterns live in your
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Interactive Patterns

Interactive Patterns Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Follow your pattern on your tablet for easier knitting.

What is a Machine Knit-Able

What is a Machine Knit-Able Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Inspiration from the hand Knitting World.

100% Reversible Scarf

100% Reversible Scarf Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Use the full needle rib (FNR) technique to create a striped, reversible scarf. This tutorial includes tips for changing colors without a color changer, hiding
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Racking Magic

Racking Magic Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Make magic with your ribber! Choose a few select needles - put some needles out of work, and push the technique of racking to its limits.Create this
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Man's Knitted Tie

Man's Knitted Tie Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Knitted ties are now popular again. If you have some experience with your ribber, Making them on the knitting machine with a ribber can be a fun, quick
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Shaped Heart Pillow

Shaped Heart Pillow Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Watch as we knit a pillow in a heart shape using short rows, increases and decreases. No cut 'n sew for this project.

Using the Pet Vest Pattern

Using the Pet Vest Pattern Tutorial for Machine Knitting

This custom pattern allows you to create a vest for your pet. Enter the dimensions and your gauge and you'll have a custom pattern. Use any yarn, stitch
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Rib 'n Roll Slouchy Hat

Rib 'n Roll Slouchy Hat Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Take a simple hat pattern, mix 'n match stitch patterns and you have a fun, fashionable slouchy hat. Follow as we knit the rolled, ribbed band,
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Infinity Scarf Made Easy

Infinity Scarf Made Easy Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Knit a no-roll, reversible, seamless scarf on your single bed machine. Included are 3 techniques for turning your work to create texture and to conquer the
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Bonnie's One Piece Cocoon Pattern

Bonnie's One Piece Cocoon Pattern Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Here's an interesting, comfortable and fashionable shape that is perfect for knitting on the machine. With a bit of shaping, pleats and strategic folds,
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Heart Shaped Pillow Form

Heart Shaped Pillow Form Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Sew a pillow form in any shape. Don't settle for ready-made shapes ... create your own!

Garment Designer-Get Knitting in less than 5 Minutes!

Garment Designer-Get Knitting in less than 5 Minutes! Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Need a fast knitting pattern? Get started quickly with Garment Designer in a few simple steps. This software can be purchased from Cochenille Design
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