Shaping in 1x1 Ribbing

Shaping in 1x1 Ribbing Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Shaping in 1x1 ribbing shouldn't be intimidating. Take time to practice these simple techniques and you'll soon be an expert!

Sleeves in the Round

Sleeves in the Round Tutorial for Machine Knitting

With a ribber you can quickly knit tubes of fabric. Increases and decreases for shaping can also be worked while knitting in the round. Watch as we explore to see full description

Short Row Increasing in 1x1 ribbing

Short Row Increasing in 1x1 ribbing Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Get familiar with short rows while working on the double bed. 1x1 shaping is a great place to start. Learn the technique and examine the wraps for perfection

Short Rows in Full Needle Rib

Short Rows in Full Needle Rib Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Work short row shaping (partial knitting) while knitting full needle rib. Even though all the needles on both beds are in work, don't be intimidated by this.

Sock Toe Shaping - Improved

Sock Toe Shaping - Improved Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Compare sock toe shaping techniques on a flat bed machine. Traditional Short Row shaping vs hand knit decrease method.
Which do you prefer?

DAK 8 - Diagonal Shaping

DAK 8 - Diagonal Shaping Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Explore Diagonal Shaping choices in Original Pattern Drafting

DAK - Add a Waistline

DAK - Add a Waistline Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Add waist shaping for a dress or sweater and show off your hourglass shape! This is a basic exercise to get practice using the Original Pattern Drafting tools - to see full description

Double / Triple Decreases

Double / Triple Decreases Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Full Fashion Double and Triple Decreases are a great way to add a designer touch to a shaped piece. Often used for the European Shoulder shaping. This technique to see full description

Neckline Shaping Perfection

Neckline Shaping Perfection Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Want beautiful round necklines? Try shaping with short rows. Instead of binding off and decreasing stitches, use this technique for smooth, professional to see full description

Sleeve Shaping: No Joggies

Sleeve Shaping: No Joggies Tutorial for Machine Knitting

When shaping the cap of a set in sleeve, this one trick will create a smoother shape, making it easier to set in the sleeve to the armhole

Sideways Sweater Waist Shaping

Sideways Sweater Waist Shaping Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Sideways knit sweaters can be boxy looking. Adding waist shaping can show off your curves.

Ear Flaps with Short Rows

Ear Flaps with Short Rows Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Quickly knit doubled Flaps for Ear Flap hats. These are an option in our Dynamic, Perfect FitEar Flap to see full description

Short Row Refresher

Short Row Refresher Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Short Row Shaping (Partial Knitting) is used in so many ways in machine knitting. If you aren't familiar with this technique, here's a quick to see full description

Short Row in Pattern

Short Row in Pattern Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Working short rows while knitting in pattern shouldn't be intimidating. Watch as we short row increase and decrease while knitting in tuck

Short Rows in Knitweave

Short  Rows in Knitweave Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Here's the one secret to successfully doing short row shaping while working in Knit Weave. Prevent holes AND secure the weaving yarn for a beautiful finish to see full description