2x2 Ribbing Simple Increase

2x2 Ribbing Simple Increase Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Work increases in 2x2 ribbing with minimal muss and fuss. Apply this technique to 3x3, 5x5 or any rib setup.

Full Needle Rib Increases

Full Needle Rib Increases Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Here are 3 methods of increasing when working double rib or full needle rib. Good - Better - Best which one do you prefer?

1x1 Ribbing Increase Techniques

1x1 Ribbing Increase Techniques Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Here are 2 methods for increasing when knitting 1x1 ribbing. Which do you prefer?

Sleeves in the Round

Sleeves in the Round Tutorial for Machine Knitting

With a ribber you can quickly knit tubes of fabric. Increases and decreases for shaping can also be worked while knitting in the round. Watch as we explore
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Basic Increasing and Decreasing

Basic Increasing and Decreasing Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Unless you only want to knit blankets or scarves, increasing and decreasing is top on your list of skills to master. This tutorial covers the basics plus
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Sideways Bust Darts

Sideways Bust Darts Tutorial for Machine Knitting

You don't have to increase and decrease at the edges of your knitting. Watch as we shape a bust dart in the middle of a sideways knit

Hand Knit Increase

Hand Knit Increase Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Often called make 1 (M1) or knit in the front and back (kfb) this is a commonly used increase for hand knitters. Learn how it's done on the machine and also
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KISS Increases (automatic)

KISS Increases (automatic) Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Keep it Simple, Silly! Sometimes knitters make things harder than they need to be.

Here are 2 fast and easy ways to increase stitches.

Short Row Increases and Decreases

Short Row Increases and Decreases Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Using short rows to increase or decrease stitches for curved edges or tapers.