Neck Band Tool and Tips

Neck Band Tool and Tips Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Shaping and finishing necklines can be one of the more challenging things in machine knitting. Use the Knit it Now Neckline tool to help you create your bands to see full description

Stabilizer for Cut 'n Sew Excellence

Stabilizer for Cut 'n Sew Excellence Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Here's a product that will improve your cut 'n sew technique. Gain sewing control, improve the look of your edges and speed up the process.Old dogs CAN to see full description

Interrupted Patterning (Part 3)

Interrupted Patterning (Part 3) Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Knitting in stitch pattern with Brother machines, we can knit both sides of a neckline at the same time. Create a neckline outline as you knit to prepare your to see full description

Square Neck Mitered Band 2

Square Neck Mitered Band 2 Tutorial for Machine Knitting

After shaping the public side of the band, use short rows to shape a facing for your one-piece square neckline band.

Shawl Collar Pullover

Shawl Collar Pullover Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Shawl Collars in pullovers need a little design consideration. Explore some examples.

Shawl Collars

Shawl Collars Tutorial for Machine Knitting

The classic style of a shawl collar for cardigans is not hard to incorporate in your designs. Check our some examples and tips.

Mock Cowl Neckline

Mock Cowl Neckline Tutorial for Machine Knitting

This is an excerpt from a recent live Knit it Now Knit Club meeting. It features a mock cowl top similar to the Astonish Top. It is knit in a to see full description

One Piece Neckband Perfection

One Piece Neckband Perfection Tutorial for Machine Knitting

There are many methods for finishing necklines. Here are 2 band techniques that can be used for shaped or cut 'n sew necklines.Add a professional finish to to see full description

DAK: Asymmetric V-Neckline

DAK: Asymmetric V-Neckline Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Quickly create an off-center v-neck opening using Standard Garment Shaping and Original pattern Drafting. Make a one-of-a-kind design with DAK.

DAK: EZ Cut 'N Sew Neckline Template

DAK: EZ Cut 'N Sew Neckline Template Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Use DAK to create templates for Cut 'n Sew. Use a little-known feature of DAK to make quick work of creating a personalized neckline template you can use again to see full description

Shallow Round Neck Shaping

Shallow Round Neck Shaping Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Round Neck shaping with shaped shoulders can be tricky. A shallow round neck (back neckline) is only worked over about 1" of rows, but it's worked in 3 to see full description

Neckline Shaping Perfection

Neckline Shaping Perfection Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Want beautiful round necklines? Try shaping with short rows. Instead of binding off and decreasing stitches, use this technique for smooth, professional to see full description

Neckline Shaping and the Row Counter

Neckline Shaping and the Row Counter Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Have you ever been knitting along and realize that the row counter isn't counting? Consider shifting your knitting on the needlebed to prevent to see full description