Right Angles Blanket - Start to Finish

Right Angles Blanket - Start to Finish Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Fun, easy knitting with a graphic appeal. Great beginner blanket with unusual construction that isn't hard. The finished blanket is square. Want a rectangle?
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What is a G carriage

What is a G carriage Tutorial for Machine Knitting

For Brother and Knit King knitting machines, this fabulous motorized knitting carriage allows you to incorporate purl stitches on the flat bed knitting machine
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Bickford Seams - The Flattest Seams Ever!

Bickford Seams - The Flattest Seams Ever! Tutorial for Machine Knitting

When knitting socks on the flatbed machine (or knitting them flat by hand) a seam is needed. You want this seam to be as comfortable as possible and still look
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Sew As You Go

Sew As You Go Tutorial for Machine Knitting

There are times when sewing knitted pieces by hand just isn’t practical. Here’s a quick and easy method that can be used for blankets, kids wear or any
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Hairpin Lace Seam

Hairpin Lace Seam Tutorial for Machine Knitting

This decorative seam is very useful in joining 2 pieces of knitting. You must plan ahead and set up your knitting to be able to use this technique.
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I-Cord Trims

I-Cord Trims Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Attaching I-cord to the edge of a knitted piece adds a nice finishing touch. There are unlimited variations to this technique here are 3 for you to try.
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Taming the Curl

Taming the Curl Tutorial for Machine Knitting

When knitting in stockinette, both hand and machine, a knitter needs to deal with the rolling edges. It’s the nature of the knitted stitches to curl.
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Blanket Binding

Blanket Binding Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Here's a different method for finishing blanket edges .... Binding!This is a great alternative to crochet, i-cord and other edge finishing techniques.It
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Pencil and Paper Charting - Introduction

Pencil and Paper Charting - Introduction Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Writing your own knitting patterns isn't hard and shouldn't be intimidating. It's a skill that every knitter (hand or machine) must have. This quick
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Diagonal Knitting

Diagonal Knitting Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Knitting diagonally opens a world of design possibilities. Here are 5 considerations for using this technique for scarves, shawls and blankets.
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