Fun with Flat Ribs

Fun with Flat Ribs Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Do you love the look of both knit and purl stitches? Do you love the look of ribbing, but don't need or want the stretch? Maybe your yarn isn't suited to see full description

Fun with Flat Ribs Part 2

Fun with Flat Ribs Part 2 Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Flat ribs are a serious knitter's staple technique. Follow along as we challenge you with 6 different flat rib configurations. You can view images all to see full description

Sandwiched Collar for Cut 'n Sew

Sandwiched Collar for Cut 'n Sew Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Use your ribber to enclose a cut 'n sew edge with a sandwich that includes a full needle rib collar.

Double Bed Bind Off

Double Bed Bind Off Tutorial for Machine Knitting

How to bind off when working full needle rib, double bed jacquard, tuck rib or any double bed fabric. Use basic skills for a professional finish.

Full Needle Rib Cast On Techniques

Full Needle Rib Cast On Techniques Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Full Needle Rib Cast on is the basis for starting many ribbed fabric techniques. Learn 2 methods plus a tip for a perfect edge.

Loopy Ribber Hem

Loopy Ribber Hem Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Simple 2 row trim, transferring stitches from the main bed to the ribber to create a delicate, lacy (loopy) edge.

Full Needle Rib Decreases

Full Needle Rib Decreases Tutorial for Machine Knitting

The methods for decreasing full needle rib are quite straightforward. Will you be seaming the edge? Do you want both the public and private sides to look to see full description

Full Needle Rib Increases

Full Needle Rib Increases Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Here are 3 methods of increasing when working double rib or full needle rib. Good - Better - Best which one do you prefer?

Short Rows in Full Needle Rib

Short Rows in Full Needle Rib Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Work short row shaping (partial knitting) while knitting full needle rib. Even though all the needles on both beds are in work, don't be intimidated by this.

Small Scallops (Double Bed)

Small Scallops (Double Bed) Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Delicate scallops with transferred stitches