Asymmetric Swirl Shawlette/Scarf

Asymmetric Swirl Shawlette/Scarf Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Quick knitting, this adorable Shawlette/Scarf is quick to knit and uses a small amount of yarn. Great gift idea and stash buster, it can be knit on any machine.

Passap DM80 Edge Springs

Passap DM80 Edge Springs Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Essential for the proper formation of the edge stitches of your knitting, be sure to use the edge springs.

Simple Eyelet Transfers - Silver/Singer/Studio

Simple Eyelet Transfers - Silver/Singer/Studio Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Use your Silver/Singer/Studio Lace carriage to make quick work of simple eyelet transfers. Practice using your lace carriage and including more to see full description

Using the Needle Beetle

Using the Needle Beetle Tutorial for Machine Knitting

The Needle Beetle is a clever device to select and position needles for the 6.5mm and 9mm manual machines (LK-140, LK-150,GK-370, LK100/Zippy 90) This to see full description

Brother Transfer Carriage KA-8300

Brother Transfer Carriage KA-8300 Tutorial for Machine Knitting

The Brother Transfer carriage KA-8300 makes fast work of transferring stitches from the rib bed to the main bed. NOTES: This carriage only to see full description

Fine Knit Bar - Close Knit Bar

Fine Knit Bar - Close Knit Bar Tutorial for Machine Knitting

The Fine Knit Bar (or Close Knit Bar) is an accessory that came with some knitting machine ribbers.It's occasionally used when knitting certain stitch to see full description

End Stitch Presser Plate

End Stitch Presser Plate Tutorial for Machine Knitting

When knitting with the ribber, sometimes the end stitches can be problematic. Some machines also have End stitch presser plates to help the end stitches knit to see full description

Seed Stitch Tool

Seed Stitch Tool Tutorial for Machine Knitting

In hand knitting, seed stitch is a popular way to add texture to your knitting. The combination of alternating knit and purl stitches creates a lovely to see full description

Double Increases on the Machine

Double Increases on the Machine Tutorial for Machine Knitting

2 methods for adding 2 stitch increases along the edge of your knitting. Our Asymmetric Swirl to see full description

Carriage Lock

Carriage Lock Tutorial for Machine Knitting

Here's a nifty little piece that you may have .... but not use. It's called a carriage lock. As the name implies, it's used when you are packing your to see full description